IMPORTANT: It's with sincere regret that Noggin Labs must cease club operations effective immediately. The current pandemic has left us with little resources to continue on, and the resources we have will be diverted to help the community.

The future is coming
and we're getting ready

Noggin Labs is a free innovation club for youth 12+. Together we learn, create and seek inspiration for tomorrow.

About The Club

The club runs Fridays 5-10 pm as part of teen nights at the Sudbury YMCA. Our mission is to give youth a space to explore their interests in technology, and build their confidence in shaping our future.


Armed with learning platforms, experienced mentors and fellow peers, our members learn future facing skills including coding, prototyping, graphics design, information economies, e-commerce, game design and anything else of interest.


The club is project driven, with a focus on challenges that can have a real world impact. This approach let's gives our members goals, and a clearer path for their learning and efforts. It also builds their confidence in being able to shape the world.


We spend time imagining and exploring future technologies that may one day shape our society. Through games, documentaries, conversation and special guests we explore far reaching topics like AI, Robotics, Autonomous Machines, Blockchain and more.

Meet the Team

Our club is proudly member operated, and peer support driven since day zero. Here's some of our valued contributors!

Paul Pomerleau Club Founder

Hi my name's Paul! I'm a full stack developer by day, club leader by night, and a futurist / innovator at heart. I'm both proud and excited to be supporting a culture of innovation, learning and impact among our members.

Mary Programming Lead

Hey! My name's Mary. I'm a lead programmer which means helping anyone out who needs with any programming parts of projects (JS). I really like coding and I've worked hard to get good at it. Super excited for Innovation Club.

Suyog System Admin

Hey, my name is Suyog, I'm a system admin which means I setup and maintain our laptops, software and equipment. I like to program, follow modern tech and thinking of crazy inventions.

Izzy Social Media

Hiii! I'm Izze and I am the social media manager. This means I look for new ways to promote the club on instagram and twitter. I love seeking out innovators to follow, news to share, and giving the club a voice online.

Abby Member Support

Hey! my name is Abby, I’m the member support lead. I help new members get set up and acquainted with everything, and help them if they have questions. When I'm not helping members, I work with Izzy with social media.

Ella Partner Outreach

Hi! My name is Ella, my focus is partner outreach. I talk to businesses to build relationships and find interesting ways to work together. I’m also into social media and anything that promotes our value as a club/company.


Our projects are born from mining real world problems. We hold design thinking sessions to come up with fun innovative solutions. Here's what we're working on!

Heads Up!Automagic SMS alerts

This project's goal is to provide a unique micro SMS alert system for various events. Our server watches for various events and sends an SMS alerts to users. Our first target demographic is blockchain communities.

Dream A Little DreamA VR travel service

This project's goal is to provide the experience of travel and adventure for populations that have barriers to do so in real life. We'll provide enhanced experiences using pairings of hand picked VR destinations and music.


Our club could not exist without the YMCA and simply would not be the same without the support of these amazing partners! If you have an interest in mentorship or resource partnership please reach out.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions please send us an message. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.